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Security, Quality, Customizability, Freedom, Flexibility Interoperability, & Auditability.

We are a well experienced team with years of track record in PHP & Python development. Our track record itself is an plentiful proof for our credibility. Our expert PHP/Python programmers and developers are immovable on quality and they have trained themselves and were motivated in the right path to be that way.

Live Preview/Demo

1. Librabry Management System : DemoBuy

2. Repairer(v4) Shop Management System : DemoBuy

3. Repair(v3+) Shop Management System(POS): DemoBuy

4. Repair(v3+) Shop Management System : DemoBuy

5. The Accountant Advance (Invoince) : DemoBuy

6. The Accountant - General Ledger : DemoBuy

7. Simple HRM Manager 3.0 : DemoBuy

8. Repairer Pro - Repairs, HRM, CRM & more: DemoBuy